G'day, I'm Annie! I'm a Designer turned Developer and fermented food maker. pluviophile. optimist. world traveller. cat servant. superhero movies fan. snowboarder. bookworm.


who is annie?

head-shot of Annie Liew.

A curiosity-driven Front-End Developer with design chops.

I'm passionate about bringing both the technical and visual aspects of digital products to life. User experience, beautiful pixels and writing clean accessible, human code matters to me. I sweat the details. And as a follower of John Maeda’s laws of simplicity, I agree that less is more.

I have a BA in Multimedia Design from Curtin University 🇦🇺, a Certificate of Web Development Immersive from Juno College (Formerly HackerYou) 🇨🇦, (and an Advanced Scuba Diving License from PADI 🇵🇭!)

I'm happiest when I'm creating, learning, exploring and thinking about how to make things better. Currently solving deceptively simple problems at usePastel.com. I'm not available for any freelance work, but feel free to reach out and say hello! I promise I don't bite 😉

skills & tools

my toolbox & things i can do

The skills, tools and technologies I use to bring your products to life:











Command Line

VS Code

Responsive Websites

Web Accessibility


Adobe Suite

Currently working on:

Improving my skills in, and understanding of vanilla JavaScript and React. Also, having fun with #100DaysOfCode building & animating things via CSS. Follow my journey here.


a selection of stuff i've built

devices showing screenshots of Personal Date Night website.

Personal Date Night

For when you need a break from your partner but already got a babysitter. Now couples can go to different events in similar locations and at the same time. A group programming project with Can Rozanes, Irene Truong and Jamie Yeung.

devices showing screenshots of The Absolutely Amazing Newspaper Apparatus app.

The Absolutely Amazing Newspaper Apparatus

Generate your very own steam-punk themed custom newspaper. Just input your details and the apparatus will do the rest!

devices showing screenshots of Word Wiz game.

Word Wiz

Can you race against our wizard and beat him in thinking up a list of related words? Test your word wizzi-ness here! A pair programming project with Kat Bosnic.

devices showing screenshots of Your New Best Forest Friend quiz.

Your New Best Forest Friend

If you ever lost in a forest and needed a new animal friend to help you navigate your way out, take this quiz to find out who it would be.

devices showing screenshots of Cohort Business website.

Cronus Business Photoshop Conversion

A pixel-perfect responsive Photoshop conversion. Coded using flexbox and plain 'ole CSS.


nice things people have said

head-shot of Dylan McGuinty Jr.

Dylan McGuinty Jr., Lawyer, McGuinty Law Offices

We hired Annie to rework the content and design of our website. She has been terrific- collaborative, diligent, honest and professional, offering solutions we had not thought about. We have found that she delivers efficiently and in a timely manner.

Her work on our website successfully communicates to prospective clients the kind of people and law firm that we are and has brought innumerable clients to our firm through a streamlined and attractive website. I would recommend Annie in a heartbeat.

head-shot of Amy Longard.

Amy Longard, Holistic Nutritionist, Amy Longard

Working with Annie has been a pleasure. Through in-depth questions, she has a knack for hitting the nail on the head with branding requirements first time round, saving valuable time on a lot of back and forth.

With her skills and natural creativity, she works quickly and efficiently, presenting professional options and offering sound advice to translate the vision in my head into work beyond what I envisioned. I have been thrilled with the results!

head-shot of Randy Gribben.

Randy Gribben, Chief Operating Officer, Ajile Light Industries

We engaged Annie as a consultant to review and critique the design of our website and marketing materials. She has been an excellent source of constructive feedback, and has helped us immensely to communicate our vision with visually compelling materials.

She understands our business well, asks good questions about our goals, and provides clear and detailed recommendations. I would highly recommend her services to any business wanting to understand and develop their visual brand.

head-shot of Brook Thordycraft.

Brook Thordycraft, Family & Workplace Mediator, Brook Thorndycraft Conflict Mediation Services

Annie is an amazing designer, and great to work with! I hired her to create a high-quality opt-in offer for my mailing list, and she quickly understood what I was looking for, and how to appeal to my somewhat complex market. She was efficient and supportive, asked great questions that helped me think through my offer, and brought great creativity and insight to the final product.

I am totally happy with it, and have already gotten good feedback! She also has a great sense of humour! Thanks so much, Annie, it was really a pleasure!


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